Fortunejack : Review of this dogecoin Poker Room Review of this dogecoin Poker Room :

A great site to play online poker with your dogecoins . The best way to use your dogecoins to play poker online is in that site , because no have commissions , 0% rake fee , and daily freerolls.
But first things firts :  In that poker room 1 doge is one poker chip , easy to remenber , and once you’ve signed on page you will see the dogeocin wallet adress in which you must deposit your dogecoins , to see poker chips in your poker account,  we try and the deposits of dogecoins quickly appears in your account.
No need to download anything to play , only you go to click here to play, and you ‘re in the lobby of the poker room  .

The actual tournaments are:
– Every day there is a freeroll that gives 1000 dogecoins  8pm EST time. Only 3 players are needed to start this tournament , and now that the room is starting to be know , is quite easy to get a prize .

– There is another tournament that is free to play , and try the room, free play anytime.

-A daily tournament with an entry of 50 Dogecoins .

The tables are like the this:

The tables are No Limit Holdem, and offer everything from 1 / 2 dogecoins up games 1000/2000 dogecoins .
As often in launches poker rooms , there are more players on the active hours of USA  . You will often see few players until ready becoming more popular .
Another attraction of its release, is the 0% rake fee ,  you can play without commission , the house will take no commission , the distribution of the chips is 100% between players.

Basic characteristics of dogecoin currency are such things , not looking to make money but enhance the movement of the currency and the things you can do with it.
The poker Room  is also compatible with iOS and Android , so you can play where you want on your cell phone , all new mobile phones are compatible.
Good Luck and many doges in Bigdogepoker !

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